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In market, there are plenty of open source platform available that can help you to get you best website for free, but there are only few of them such as Codeigniter that allow to have a trouble free, user friendly website and that is easily modified according to clients requirements. Codeigniter is one among those tools that serve you with extra functionalities and a simple approach to create great and amazing websites.

The qualities that make Codeigniter step ahead from its competitors using similar tools is the rich set of libraries that provides a large collection of code events and several complex features. When the developer goes with tool of Codeigniter, he gets the upper hand in effectively selecting, reaching and then applying several anthologies during the code composition

When we compare CodeIgniter with other similar platforms of PHP, what makes it different is its speed. Its quick development time makes it different from others. It is because of all these reasons that we at Aavid technologies have expert developers who have fun working at Codeigniter and at the same time providing high quality sites to our clients. Our experts make even the complex projects look easy and can challenge to do within the given time period.

Features of Code Igniter that makes it a No. 1 choice for developers to create a high class functionality website are:

  • Full featured database supporting plenty of different platforms.
  • Active database support
  • Data and Form validation
  • Support attachments, HTML/Text emails, applying several protocols and many more
  • Customization becomes easy
  • No advanced knowledge is needed in PHP to create site with CodeIgniter
  • Provide Search Engine Friendly website.

Advantages with Us

If you are looking for a reliable and competent team , then you have certainly come to the right place. You can benefit from several advantages while teaming up with us for your development needs.

  • Experienced Professionals for Support and Development
  • Thorough technical expertise in different development technologies.
  • Proven project management skills and fast turn around time
  • Lower development costs along with reliable and quality services
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Effective communication with 24/7 technical support
  • People & Work Environment that are committed, intellectually challenging, offers higher energy & empowered teams
  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Quality practices are our way of working, our attitude
  • Faster time to market

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