Windows Mobile Workshop By Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Course DescriptionAll Trainings will be conducted by our Microsoft certified trainer Krunal Trivedi.

This 4-day course explores the development opportunities with the Windows Phone 8 technology and learn how to make applications on Windows Phone 8.


  • Knowledge of Dot Net and C#
  • Basic understanding of SOA

Windows Phone 8 Workshop

Course Contents

Flavors of Windows Phone 8 [Demo]

  • Difference between Windows Phone 7 , Windows Phone 7.1 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows Phone 8 Platform Overview.
  • Windows Phone 8 Development Tools.
  • Windows Phone 8 SDK overview.

Introduction to Silverlight and XAML [Hands-On]

  • Windows Phone 8 Application LifeCycle.
  • XAML Bindings.
  • XAML controls.

Designing And Building Windows Phone 8 Apps [Hands-On]

  • XAML Styles and Resources.
  • Understanding Metro UI Design Principals.
  • Windows Phone Navigation and AppBar Customization.
  • Frames and page structured.
  • Input scopes of windows phone virtual keyboard.

Files and Storage on Windows Phone 8 [Hands-On]

  • Isolated Storage.
  • Tombstoning and Task Switching.
  • Background Agents.

Live Tiles and Lock Screen Notification [Hands-On]

Location Services with Windows 8 Apps [Hands-On]

  • GPS service integration.
  • Bing Map integration with windows phone 8.
  • Finding Road Navigation in windows phone app.

Dealing with Async Programming in windows phone 8 app [Hands-On]

  • Requirement of async programming.
  • Demo with dispatcher and await.

Using Phone Resources in Windows Phone 8 [Hands-On]

  • Consuming Data From Web Services : REST , WCF Service.
  • Intro to Odata with Windows Phone App.
  • Roam to the Cloud with Windows 8 App.

Game Development and Animation using Expression Blend [Demo]

Touch Manipulation with Windows Phone 8 [Hands-On]

  • Translate Transform.
  • Scale Transform.
  • Rotate Transform.
  • Dealing With Manipulation Events.

MVVM Design Pattern with Windows Phone 8 [Hands-On]

Windows Phone 8 Launcher and Chooser [Hands-On]

  • Tile Notification, Toast Notification and Raw Notification
  • App to App Communication.
  • Network.

NFC Proximity Sensors and Bluetooth [Hands-On]

Speech Input on Windows Phone 8 [Demo]

Wallet Support [Hands-On]

Windows Phone Store—In App Purchasing [Hands-On]

Windows Phone App Advertisement [Hands-On]

Enterprise Applications in Windows Phone 8: Architecture and Publishing [Hands-On]M

  • Hosting Windows Phone App in Device.
  • Publishing Windows Phone 8 App in Microsoft Marketplace.
  • Developing App which meet Marketplace certification Standards.
  • Rules to be take care while developing Windows Phone 8 app.
  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Cross Platform Development.

Creating Windows Phone App For Multiple culture [Demo]

Windows Phone XAP Architecture [Hands-On]

Note :

For the few points the participants would require Windows Phone marketplace account to have hands on session else, the trainer would show demos on his system using his own account. All other topics would be hands on.

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