About Us

AavidTechnologies specializes in large-scale, technically-challenging projects. Our growth has been based on building long term partnerships with the people we work for, by earning the trust that will make us the automatic first choice for any of their future projects. We also tend to get a lot of referrals.

Our Methodology

We wear the company’s colors

We work hard every day because we wear the company name with pride. We are full of energy and motivational and inspirational material. Yeah! We are proud of providing useful products and services in an exciting work environment
We play as a team. We all have different backgrounds and we cherish our uniqueness, which brings a certain quality to our work. It’s important to have fun with your workmates while working

Our Mission

Aavid Technologies is committed to delivering services that enable our customers to communicate business information in today's technology-driven society. Our customers are now demanding solutions that utilize digital media technology to improve business processes while reducing costs that directly affect their organization‘s bottom line.
We are meeting these demands daily, utilizing all the tools and techniques we have developed through years of providing solutions that work. In web development we are using the best in current Internet standards while keeping an eye on the future. In product based services we offer only cost effective options, while ensuring quality. In short, our goal is our clients' success by offering access to value priced services to help businesses of any size increase productivity at a time when your company has asked to do more with less.

Aavid Technologies will continue providing a dedication to our customers, this is our mission for the decades to come. 


We believe in proper strategy to develop fully professional website/apps.
Committed to provide intelligent, highly scalable and cost effective services


Analysis of project

This includes client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information for the upcoming project.


Specification Building

At this step we move to build up wireframes and other relevant documents in the structured way.



At this step we create visual layout of the website/app design. We provide mock-ups based on wireframe and requirements analysis.



It's coding time. It involves the bulk of the programming work and then full website takes shape.



Its time for review. We make sure everything is in working order visually and functionally.



After testing and client approvals, we push the website/app to live to make it accessible to online audiences.


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