Industries We Serve

We offer different services in various industries such as Automotive, HealthCare, RealEstate, Travel, Finance, Education, Media etc. We have experts who have expertise in developing smart and scalable web, mobile and SaaS based apps that enhance the productivity and increases the business growth for the client.


Industries We Serve 

We serve a wide array of industries with our innovative and easy-to-use software development solutions.


Banking & Finance

Education & Learning




Media Entertainment

Retail ECommerce

Smart Technologies


Intelligent Real Estate Solution

Property Buy & Sell Platform with Intelligent Real Estate Solution.
Our motto is to enhance the experience of real estate firms and their customers by implementing sleek and modern technologies and advanced features in web and mobile apps. We provide real solutions which contain unique features for real estate sellers and buyers and it enhances the overall experience.

  • We provide services for BPO and CMA process.
  • We provide location-based directory, payment gateway integration, bulk listing upload, GPS integrations in mobile solutions, and much more
  • Our BPO, CMA, Occupancy Check, Bidding and Mortgage Lender portals make task completion, contract bids and other functionality to assist the user be simple with their tasks, work orders, and requests.


We provide solutions to education industry for faster learning and ability to track performance across the system. We serve education industry based on their requirement, many web and mobile based app already served to many clients.

  • We provide solution for LMS System
  • We program innovative educational tools and solutions to strengthen e-learning system.
  • We provide user-friendly digital library

Cool Lifestyle

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  • Digital Marketing Solutions for Tomorrow
  • Our Talented & Experienced Marketing Agency
  • Create your own skin to match your brand

Logistics SASS App Development

AavidTechnologies provide customized logistics web, mobile and SASS app based on your organization structure and need. We provide logistics web, app services on SASS based platforms to different customers in different industries. We have expertise in

  • Custom logistics application development
  • Logistics web app solution
  • Logistics mobile app solution

Healthcare App

We are committed to help healthcare industry in improving their business. Today Internet services is very helpful for healthcare businesses to maximize their business in each aspect. We are here to help your company to have best services and be out of crowd.

  • Digital Healthcare Solutions for Tomorrow
  • Our Talented & Experienced Resources for your innovative app solutions


We provide travel based services and solutions which helps client to gain an edge in the highly competitive travel market. We provide the best travel based integrated services. We provide the travel based solutions which take your travel software to the next level. Our solutions include Booking engine, hotel booking api etc.


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